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Main Stage Shows

The Rose Theater encourages actors of all races, ages, types and skill sets to audition for its mainstage shows. Auditions are held on a regular basis throughout the season. Please click here to email your contact information to us so we can add you to our audition email list.

Click here for important information and tips for youth actors auditioning for mainstage shows.
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Sherlock Holmes & The First Baker Street Irregular – Adult & Youth Roles

Monday, August 31 at 6:00 pm
At The Rose Theater

Wednesday, September 2

The Rose Theater will host an audition for adult and youth roles in its 2015 production, Sherlock Holmes and the First Baker Street Irregular on Monday, August 31 at 6 pm with callbacks on Wednesday, September 2. Youth actors should be at least eight years of age. Adult actors over the age of eighteen are encouraged to arrive after 7 pm for these open calls. Actors of all types are welcome to audition and must come to The Rose Theater, 2001 Farnam Street. Minority actors are wanted for lead roles. Auditionees should be prepared to share a brief monologue or poem of their choice.

Actors must be available for weeknight and weekend rehearsals between October 13 and November 1 and weekday and weekend performances between November 2 and November 22. This is a paid position for adult actors. Minority actors are highly encouraged to audition.

Email for an audition appointment. An appointment is needed to audition for this show. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

About The Show

On a dare from other street urchins, fourteen year-old Wiggins tries to pickpocket a strange old man. Not only is Wiggins unsuccessful, but the old man managed to take the gold ring that was in Wiggins‘ pocket. When Wiggins goes to 221B Baker Street to retrieve the ring, she is shocked to find out how much Sherlock Holmes knows about her based on a quick observation. After Wiggins sees Sherlock use the gold ring to solve a case, Wiggins proposes to work as Sherlock’s assistant. Intrigued by her potential, Sherlock agrees to begin training Wiggins on a trial basis. Wiggins and Sherlock must learn to trust each other as Wiggins and the group of street youth help Sherlock Holmes solve two dangerous mysteries.

Sherlock Holmes and The First Baker Street Irregular is a new adaptation for young audiences based on the classic characters and mysteries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle including The Red Headed League and The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle. Sherlock Holmes and The First Baker Street Irregulars is scheduled to be produced by the Omaha Theater Company for school groups and public audiences in November 2016



SHERLOCK Sherlock Holmes is a brilliant detective
WATSON Dr. Watson is his kind-hearted assistant
HUDSON the tough landlady of 221B Baker Street
LESTRADE the pompous inspector from Scotland Yard
HOPE a desperate criminal looking for a ring
CONSTABLE a police man
WILSON pawnbroker with flaming red hair
SPAULDING (alias) pawnbroker’s new assistant
MARY Fourteen year old girl who helps clean Wilson’s home
ROSS Trustee of the League of Red Headed Gentleman
LANDLADY a landlady at the offices of Red Headed League
BAKER tall man who lost his hat and goose
HORNER plumber at Cosmopolitan Hotel
RYDER senior attendant at Cosmopolitan Hotel
CATHERINE maid of countess and pregnant girlfriend of Ryder
BRECKINRIDGE poultry dealer
MRS. OAKSHOT sister of Ryder

Baker Street Irregulars (Youth Roles)

WIGGINS street-smart, tough 14 year old leader of the gang
TOBY a challenger who is new to the gang, Anna’s brother (14)
ANNA smartest one in the gang, walks with crutches, Toby’s sister (12)
GEORGE the biggest kid in the group, but gentle (16)
LUCY a fearless, impulsive small girl in the group (10)
OLIVER the youngest and smallest one in the group (8)
TOUGHS a gang of rough street kids






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