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Five Fun Drama Games for Kids

Looking for a fun way to get young kids involved in the classroom? These five drama games are just a few ways to help children use their imaginations and can also help them build self-esteem. Games such as these, can also be a useful tool to warm-up!

Theresa Sotto, a writer for The Kennedy Center’s, writes about five different ways to enhance lesson plans in the classroom. Each different activity is aimed to help children in specific areas such as adapting their voice, memorizing, and character study.

Sotto’s five drama games include:

  • Different Voices, Different Occasions
  • Special Me: A memorization Game
  • Rhythm Again and Again
  • Moving Vocabulary
  • Charades: A Character Study

Sotto says that these activities not only help with drama, but also everyday life. A child can use different drama techniques such as memorizing, focusing, and body control on and off the stage.

“By enlivening your classroom with these drama games, your students will develop important life skills, enhance oral and communication skills, gain confidence, and have fun while learning”.

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