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Another side of The Rose

Most people know that The Rose is committed to educating young people through live performances and performing arts classes. What you may not know is that The Rose also has robust internship, fellowship and apprenticeship programs for undergraduates, graduate students and even high schoolers so that up-and-coming theater arts professionals can learn what it takes to operate a successful performing arts venue and educational facility. Programs are available for both summer and year-long terms. The Rose has hosted students interested in become teaching artists, performers, stage technicians, and even administrative roles.
The following blog post was written by Tyler Deaver, who worked as an intern in The Rose’s Marketing Department during summer 2016. We appreciate all that Tyler did for us this summer. Our interns, fellows and apprentices truly keep our theater running smoothly and we cannot show enough appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Best of luck to Tyler and all our summer interns who are now returning to school and other endeavors!

A Summer Well Spent – A Letter From the Purple Desk

Tyler Deaver

Tyler Deaver

My name is Tyler and this summer I had the opportunity to have a marketing internship here at The Rose. My time spent here has been great and I have learned a lot! I have been able to be behind that scenes and see all that it takes to make the shows go on. The projects I have been working on have allowed me to work with a broad range of things. I have done everything from writing blog posts to helping put together an annual report. I have also done things such as posting on our social media pages, delivering tickets, telemarketing and writing press releases. Doing so many different things has helped me become more comfortable in my field and has given me many skills and more confidence going further.

One of most fun things that I was able to do here was help with the opening night of The Little Mermaid. Before the show started, I stood out in the lobby with the cut outs of the different mermaids and Prince Eric. It was awesome being able to see the kids eyes light up seeing those pictures. They would run over and grab their favorite one and have a giant smile on for us to take their picture. This was just one more way that I was able to see The Rose bring the joy of theater to children and to be a part of that was amazing.

Another of my favorite experiences during this summer was being able to go to WOWT Omaha and watch Torisa (Ariel from The Little Mermaid) get interviewed twice. I had never been on a television set and it was an awesome experience. I also got to go back to the set and watch them shoot our commercial for the play.

Not only was my time spent here helpful in growing my professional knowledge, but I was also able to build relationships with many amazing people. The people here at The Rose are incredible. I was always greeted with a smile as soon as I walked in the door. My desk was even in a position where many teachers and children in camps would walk by and I could say hi as they walked out on to the cat walk. The people really do make the organization and it is easy to see why The Rose brings so much joy to children through the theater.