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SPOT SAYS! A Review for The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs

Not guilty! Wait, Guilty! Wait, YOU DECIDE!  The audience becomes the jury in this hilarious performance of The True Story of The 3 Little Pigs.  Alexander T. Wolf, played by Dan Chevalier, is thrown in jail for crimes against the 3 Little Pigs. Mr. Wolf insists that he visited the neighboring pigs’ homes only asking for sugar. He tells the honorable Judge Prudence (Kimberlee Stone) that he had a bad cold that day, and there was never any huffing, puffing or destruction of any property. He just had to sneeze.

After his sneezing fits, he found two lifeless pigs laying there, and he decided to eat the ham, which he says would be just like eating a cheeseburger. Mr. Wolf is eventually put on trial, where Julia (Lauren Krupski) represents the prosecution.  Many of the wrong questions are asked to some not so bright witnesses (Robby Stone) who are swayed by being swine. Luckily for Alexander, a trustworthy reporter named Magill (Ashley Laverty) comes to his rescue.

This show is set in a beautiful courtroom comprised of some stellar painting and set design.  Bravo to the artists involved in bringing together such a fun and vibrant setting. I really felt like I was in Piggsylvania! Costumes, designed by Sherri Geerdes, brought to life a classic re-telling of a timeless story.

Thanks to some great musical direction by Jerry Brabec and some fun choreography by Sue Gillespie Booton, the actors were able to utilize the entire stage to bring this show to life. One of my favorite songs was “Cheeseburgers Ain’t Cute” though it did make me hungry…

This show is best for ages 6 and up, but adults will be “howling” with laughter as well.  It runs a smooth 60 minutes and keeps everyone engaged throughout the entire show because at the end, YOU get to decide if Alexander T. Wolf is innocent or guilty!  Which will you choose?  Did he intentionally blow those houses down?  Was he framed?  Will he be set free or charged with multiple crimes?

You be the judge.

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