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Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning!  The story of the boy who wouldn’t grow up has found it’s way to Neverland, or should I say The Rose Theater!  This energetic, upbeat musical has been dazzling kids and adults alike for decades, and who wouldn’t be captivated by pirates, lost boys and fairies?!  Danny Denenberg harnesses his vocal and acting talents along with “harnessing” his flying abilities as Peter Pan.  Tylie Tingelhoff will win your heart over as Wendy, while John and Michael are played by Jimmy Nguyen and Kian Roblin, respectively.

Along with the youthful cast, you will see the dastardly, yet highly humorous Captain Hook played by Ablan Roblin, who had me barking with laughter from the moment he and Smee (Robby Stone) stepped on stage.  Their pirate-y antics and swashbuckling, cake making attitude makes the duo, and their pirate crew, a must see for all ages, just as long as they can escape from The Pounce and The Lost Boys!

The story brought me some major nostalgia back to my childhood (even though I am only 4… but hey, thats 28 in dog years..throw me a bone here.) I loved hearing the music from J.M. Barrie’s adaptation of Peter Pan.  Some songs were funny, especially when The Lost Boys finally get their mother, while some were heartfelt and beautifully sung by every actor that belted out vocals.

The choreography, by Sue Gillespie Booton, mixed so well with the musical direction of Jerry Brabec and the Direction of Amy Lane that I was bouncing up and down in my seat with each new song and dance!  It’s hard being a Chihuahua in a theater, lucky for me I was able to sit front row for this adventure!

The costumes brought the entire show together, thanks to Sherri Geerdes beautiful designs.  The pirates looked dirty, the kids looked innocent, The Lost Boys and The Pounce looked rebellious and most of all, Peter Pan looked absolutely mystical.

A special shout out goes to Nana, played by Annlynn Casey.  I thought she did an exceptional job playing the part, but I wish they would have at least given me a callback!

I recommend this show to anyone ages four and up, because though it has some wild on-stage fight scenes, it still rings true to the classic story of Peter Pan, giving children and adults alike one of the more memorable theatrical experiences of their lifetime!

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