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SPOT SAYS! A Review for Madagascar: A Musical Adventure

I like to move it move it! You like to move it move it! If you like to move it, move down to The Rose Theater and check out Madagascar: A Musical Adventure! A fun-filled, energetic and adventurous tale will leave everyone singing these upbeat songs for weeks! Alex (Jordan Smith), Marty (J. Isaiah Smith), Gloria (Sue Gillespie Booton) and Melman (Manny Oñate) come together in the Central Park Zoo where they perform lavish acts to entertain paying customers. Soon they find themselves packed up in crates and being shipped to the vast land of Madagascar! They are met by the dastardly penguins, led by Skipper (Brian Guehring) who uses his military antics to herd the penguins in his troupe.  Together, they have to find a way to live their life in the wild, where they meet some… extravagant… Lemurs, especially King Julien (Alphonse Kroeten) who helps the city animals find their wild side! 

Running through October 22nd, Madagascar: A Musical Adventure is a perfect family outing that every age can appreciate. It will have you laughing and singing along with pure joy! In my case, I was howling, but I don’t think many humans howl!

The costumes, designed by Sherri Geerdes, are some of her best work to date! They give these animals a realistic feel with some spectacular blazer tops and furry tails. The penguins just looks so real when they slid onto the stage! They meshed extremely well with the set design, which was co-designed by Bill R. Van Deest and Matthew Hamel. We started out at the beautiful Central Park Zoo and ended up on the sandy beaches of Madagascar, where the terrifying Foosa waited behind the trees in the backgound. I am telling you right now, this is not one to miss!

This show has everything that a family could ask for, and it is sure to be one of the kids favorites of the season! Be sure to get your tickets before they sell out, or before you wind up on a crate to Madagascar! If you do end up stranded, just give The Rose Box Office a call at 402-345-4849 and they will help you get back to see the show! You can also visit their website at for more details on this show and many more.

Now I am hungry, I might have to go get a steak… or maybe some seaweed on a stick!

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