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SPOT SAYS: A Review for The Best Christmas Pageant Ever The Musical

In the small Southern Ohio town where they live, everyone knows the Herdmans: the six surly siblings have a terrible reputation for being “The Worst Kids in the History of the World.” When the Herdmans show up to auditions and threaten the other young actors, suddenly Charlie and Beth Bradley find they will be sharing the stage with their archnemeses in a very untraditional version of the Nativity story! Will the Herdmans ruin the annual pageant with their usual mean-spirited antics, or will it be the best Christmas pageant ever?! You will have to come see for yourself!

Filled with 15 child-actors, this show makes for some crazy, upbeat holiday fun and entertainment that your family can truly enjoy. It gives me so much joy this holiday season to see all these children out making their dreams come true!

I have to say, as a dog who loves Christmas, it gave me great pleasure to watch this mayhem unfold on stage, as I can totally relate! However, it gave me a sense of fulfillment and joy and I laughed and cried with The Herdmans and the townspeople. It seems in the end all The Herdmans and every child in the world need is trust and love. Just like I trust and love my favorite toy (it is very squeaky.)

Costumes, set design, lighting and props all had major roles in bringing this story to the stage in all its glory. Without the iconic hairstyles of the 1960’s, the subtle light changes, the Bradley home and the Herdmans array of gadgets, this show would have lost a lot of its humor and musical punch. The kids even used these gadgets in their choreographed numbers, which had me tapping my paws and waggin’ my tail!

Being the small dog that I am, I am truly inspired by The Rose Theater every time I walk through the doors and see the larger-than-life scenery. They had the lobby completely decorated with lights and trees, and I even got to see Santa and Mrs. Claus on opening night. If you haven’t  been to an opening night at The Rose, I highly suggest it! Now I need to go have myself a nap. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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