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SPOT SAYS! A Review For The Meaning Of Maggie

A hard-hitting story of a family growing together in the 1980’s. Maggie (Mallory Vallier) has a Dad (Ken Palmer) living with Multiple Sclerosis. Maggie’s Mom (Kim Clark-Kaczmarek) has to get a new job to support the family, even if that means sometimes missing Maggie’s important events. Maggie has big aspirations to become The President when she grows up, but first, she needs to navigate her own family life, which is hard when your older sisters (Kendra Gliem and Hayley Greenstreet) wont tell you what is going on.

This show offers a deep look inside the mind of a young girl who just wants to learn and be the best student and daughter she can be. She even does a science fair project on Multiple Sclerosis, which turns out to be more difficult than she expected. This brings her and he Dad closer and in the end, the family becomes tighter because of their experiences.

The set was beautifully designed by Bridgette Dreher, accompanied by the artwork of Elizabeth Jameson, who also lives with MS. The panels, covered in gorgeous colors resembling real life MRI scans from the artist, moved fluidly across the stage while Maggie spoke of the disease. It was truly an awe-inspiring scenic masterpiece.

Costumes designed by Sherri Geerdes set the tone of the show paw-fectly. Now, I wasn’t alive in the 80’s, but I am 35 in dog years… So that has to count for something. The colors blended perfectly with the set design and lighting and it really made for a spectacular sight.

Maggie’s journey to find herself in the midst of family issues is truly inspiring. I think all walks of life can appreciate this story, as everyone has their own problems they have to face head-on. I would recommend this show to families who want to teach their children about differences in people and the fact that struggles can always be overcome with a good attitude and perseverance!

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