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SPOT SAYS! A Review of Disney’s Newsies!

Extra! Extra! Bark all about it! Disney’s Newsies premiered at The Rose Theater! I seized the day with the best of them, and LOVED every moment of this musical masterpiece. The story stems from the Newsies strike of 1899, where they rebelled against the newspaper tycoon, Joseph Pulitzer (Patrick Wolfe). Jack Kelly (Andrew Wright) has to lead his band of boys against the powerhouse that is Pulitzer. He gets some help along the way from a savvy reporter, Katherine Plumber (Torisa Walker), who develops a personal bond with Jack. With the price of papers going up, will the Newsies find the courage to stand up for their rights, or get shot down by the big publisher?! I bark in favor of the former!

With a stellar supporting cast of 30, this show is larger than life! Directed by Jerry Jay Cranford, this talented cast shines bright! Jerry Brabec directed a talented orchestra to accommodate Sue Gillespie Booton’s choreography. Some of my favorite songs in this show are “Seize the Day”, “King of New York” and “Once and for All”! The entire production staff brought this show to a new level, making it a special production that is dear to my heart, seeing as I like to chew on newspapers.

Being a Chihuahua, I relate to the Newsies because I have spent my whole life being smaller than all the other dogs, and I constantly have to rebel against them to be treated fairly! I am overjoyed that I got to be a part of this performance and experience the music and the iconic story.

Be sure to get your tickets at Disney’s Newsies today! You DO NOT want to miss this show. It’s truly one for the barks — I mean books…

I want to thank all of you for supporting my dreams of being a theater reviewer. This is my third season reviewing for The Rose, and I can’t wait to continue next season! Be on the lookout for more from your favorite furry friend, ME, Spot!

Until next time,

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