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SPOT SAYS! A Review of Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical!

Maddie Smith as Matilda

Even if you’re little you can do a lot! So says Matilda in The Rose’s production of Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical! This show is packed with energetic songs, humorous dialogue and lively music accompaniment!  In the story, Matilda (Maddie Smith) is born into a family who doesn’t really want her. As a child, her parents, The Wormwoods (Sarah Gibson and Zach Kloppenborg), stop at nothing to make her life a bone-afied tragedy. Lucky for her, she loves to read and finds herself getting lost in the school library with Mrs. Phelps (Brissa Lopez) who helps her through the tough times by listening to her story about the Acrobat (Kendra Ball) and the Escapologist (Danny Enriquez).  Also at school are the terrifying Miss Trunchbull (Joey Galda) and the super nice, super introverted Miss Honey (Melissa King). Matilda goes on to discover that she has many skills, including some other-worldy, glass-tipping talents! Trunchbull tries to hold Matilda and all the “maggots” back by giving them daunting tasks, and if they don’t complete them she sends them to the “chokey!” Through music and craziness, Matilda figures out how to confront her biggest adversary, thanks to some friendly advice from the lovable Miss Honey! The children all #jointherevolt and come together as one to trounce the Trunchbull! 

The cast is rounded out with plenty of age-appropriate actors, all played by local youth talent, along with an ensemble of adult actors! Directed by Matt Gutschick, Matilda The Musical is an instant classic! The set, designed by Tim McMath, is nothing short of incredible, with over 3000 books collected by Props Mistress Devon Denn-Young. Lighting and projections shine bright in the middle of the stage for huge scenes courtesy of Craig Moxon and Brittany Merenda. Costumes designed by Sherri Geerdes with makeup by Erin Bragg give the characters their personailies. The music and choreography, directed by Jerry Brabec and Sue Gillespie Booton, add the final touches to bring this show to life, with huge numbers like “Bruce” and “Revolting Children.” The design team went above and beyond for this production, and I barked with joy when I walked down the aisle to my seat!

I am ready to go bark for a second time! I think I am going to call The Box Office now at 402-345-4849 and reserve my tickets for this weekend. Or maybe I will visit their website,! My single ticket was only $27 for the main floor, but I think I might get a balcony ticket for $22 for the next show.

Overall, I give Matilda The Musical a 10/10, four paws up and a rousing round of appaws! 

Until the 2019-20 season,

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