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Excitement Is Growing For “Howie D: Back in the Day” at The Rose!

Howie Dorough sings The Me I'm Meant to Be in the world premiere of HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY

The excitement for “Howie D: Back in the Day” is growing at The Rose! With opening night last night, we asked one of our volunteers, Mary W. to tell us what she is excited about and why she can’t wait to see Howie D on stage!

How did you become fans of Howie D/The Backstreet Boys?

Oh gosh, when I was 12 boy bands became a big thing. I never gravitated towards NSYNC as I just enjoyed the Backstreet Boys sound more. I remember just putting in my headphones as a kid and singing their music at the top of my lungs. Torture for my family I am sure but musical therapy for me. 

Have you listened to Howie’s solo CD, “Which one am I?” if so, What songs are you most hoping to see in the musical?

I have given it a listen, I do enjoy the breakdown of the Backstreet Boys as individuals. It gave me a little look into who they are and more knowledge about them and their personality traits. 

What makes you most excited about this show?

I think I am most excited about seeing something a little out of the norm from what they usually do. Although, taking a trip down memory lane is fun when it comes to their hits…It is always refreshing to see their other talents and other projects they are working on. 

Have you been to The Rose before? What do you enjoy about The Rose?

Yes, I have been going to the Rose since I was four years old. My first musical after my adoption was there and it was a day I won’t forget. The Rose was the first time I told my mom I loved her more than green beans (I didn’t love anything more than green beans at that time) It was a bonding moment with my adoptive mom… She supported my love for music and we have continued to attend shows there since. 

Do you have kids you’ll be bringing? Do you think kids will enjoy this music/show?

No, I am not bringing my child but I do think that children would enjoy the show and the music. It is an all ages show so it should be enjoyable by everyone in the family. 

Thank you for your time, Mary! Enjoy the show!

Howard Dorough and cast perform Monsters in My Head in HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY


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