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What’s the Big Idea: A podcast with Brian Guehring

Rose Playwright-in-Residence Brian Guehring recently sat down with the Michele Tuck-Ponder from Destination Imagination to discuss the process of creativity, how Brian’s background led to his creative pursuits, and his overall playwriting process. Brian and Michele also discuss Pride Players, the award-winning teen theatre troupe that uses improvisation and storytelling to explore LBGTQ+ issues that impact today’s youth.

“I’m very excited because in my job, not only do I personally get to be creative and do fun things, but I also feel that the work we’re doing is making a difference in our community. Whether it’s teaching a young person and helping them with their self-confidence, or creating a platform for queer youth to talk to parents and talk to teachers and talk to administrators about what’s going on…that is so important.” 

~ Brian Guehring