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First Stage+ Package

The Rose Theater
2001 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 345-4849

First Stage+ Package

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The Rose is proud to offer young theater-goers a unique opportunity to experience the theater arts.

Our First Stage productions are perfect for preschoolers, children with special needs or sensory needs or others who desire a gentler, more interactive and personal performance.

By popular demand, we have now created a First Stage+ Package, just for those who want to give the children in their lives a jump start into the world of theater! 

First Stage+ Packages are only available through The Rose Box Office.
Call (402) 345-4849 for information.


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NEW! Purchase a FIRST STAGE+ PACKAGE for just $75 and receive:

  • 4 tickets to A Bucket of Blessings
  • 4 tickets to The Little Engine That Could
  • AND 4 tickets to the mainstage production of Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed: The Rock Experience!
  • PLUS…get access to 2 one-time sample dance and drama classes.

Save more than $100!

Call (402) 345-4849 to purchase a First Stage+ Package.


Included in the 2019-20 First Stage+ Package:

Our First Stage productions feature:

  • Interactions with performers
  • A smaller theater space where kids are part of the action
  • Flexible seating in chairs, on the floor, on benches, etc.
  • A “shush-free” environment
  • Minimal periods of darkness or loud sounds
  • A whole lot of imagination and fun!

The Rose’s Hitchcock Stage (a smaller theater space located on our 4th floor), allows children to become completely absorbed in the theatrical experience. We encourage their interaction with the performers and invite your family to tear down the fourth wall and become a part of the performance.

First Stage nurtures creative thinking and imagination while inspiring both children and their parents.

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