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For questions or to book
a Rose workshop,
contact Melissa Richter at
(402) 502-4625 or


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Workshops at The Rose

A workshop AT THE ROSE is the perfect way to explore themes from a school field trip show or learn about the profession of theater. A professional teaching artist with a college degree in dramatic arts education will lead your class.

To register, please contact Melissa Richter at (402) 502-4625 or complete this form.


Intro to Acting Workshop
•   Best for grades K-6
•   9:30-11 am or 1-2:30 pm
•   $4.50/child

This hands-on workshop teaches students the basic tools of acting: body, voice, and imagination. Students will also learn about the job of acting and will explore the main stage, rehearsal hall, and costume shop.

Pre- and Post-Show Acting Workshops
•   Best for grades K-8
•   $4.50/child

This hands-on workshop will explore the characters, plot, and themes from the show your students attended. Students will also tour the sets and view the costume and make-up designs from the show.

*Workshop times vary depending on your show time. All options include a 30-minute lunch break. Students should bring a sack lunch and beverage.

Full-Day Introduction to Theater Workshop
•   Best for grades 2-5
•   9:30 am – 2 pm
•   $7.50/child

This full-day introduction to theater workshop teaches students about all the artistic elements used to create a play. Students will learn the importance of imagination when acting, directing, playwriting, and designing. They will also receive a behind-the-scenes tour of the costume shop, sound board, fly rail, and catwalk before using their own imaginations to turn a short story into a play. Students will create their own design project, rehearse their play, and then present it to an audience of their peers.

Students should bring a sack lunch and beverage.

Full-Day Advanced Theater Workshop
•   Best for grades 5-12
•   9:30 am – 2 pm
•   $7.50/child

This full-day advanced theater workshop provides students an opportunity to explore three different theater topics such as improvisation, acting, playwriting, design, ensemble work, stage combat, musical theater, choreography, etc. The workshop also includes a tour of The Rose Theater and a question and answer period with one of our professional designers.

Students should bring a sack lunch and beverage. The individual workshop topics are dependent on that day’s assigned actor/educators, but requests for specific workshop topics may be made when the workshop is scheduled.

Workshops Photo

Workshops at Your School

The Rose offers several workshops that take place AT YOUR SCHOOL. A professional Rose teaching artist will visit your classroom for three to five days in a one week time period to explore, through drama, a curriculum topic of your choice.

To register, please contact Melissa Richter at (402) 502-4625 or complete this form.


Bringing Literature To Life

•   Best for grades K-8
•   $60/Teacher (per in-class hour)

This three- to five-day residency uses statue work, pantomime, and characterization to explore books and stories the class is currently reading such as Dr. Seuss, Where the Red Fern Grows, etc.  These techniques allow students to combine their knowledge of the literature with drama skills to explore the characters, locations, situations, feelings, and experiences of the chracters.

•   Best for grades 4-12
•   $60/Teacher (per in-class hour)

This three- to five-day residency introduces students to the basics of playwriting from proper format, to dramatic structure, to creating settings, developing character voices, and more. Sixth to eighth grade students will focus on writing ten-minute plays about bullying for our regional “Young Playwrights for Change” competition that will qualify one winner to proceed to the national level.

History Through Drama
•   Best for grades 1-8
•   $60/Teacher (per in-class hour)

This three- to five-day residency uses drama skills such as statue work, pantomime and characterization to explore particular moments in history that relate to students’ current studies such as the American Revolution, Lewis and Clark, Civil War, etc.

Dr. Seuss
•   Best for grades Pre-K – K
•   $45/Teacher (per workshop)

This one-, two- or three-day residency introduces students to the wonderfully imaginative world of Dr. Seuss. These 45-minute workshops use creative drama and interactive storytelling to bring Dr. Seuss stories to life.

Meet The Actor in You
•   Best for grades K-8
•   $60/Teacher (per in-class hour)

This three- to five-day residency introduces students to a variety of artistic elements associated with theater.  Students will learn about acting, directing, playwriting, and design.  At the end of the week, the workshop will culminate with the class creating its own play.

New! Telling a Story Through Dance
• Best for grades K-2
• $60/Teacher (per in-class hour)

This one-, two-, or three-day residency introduces students to dance and uses creative movement to explore the story elements of The Little Engine That Could. By creating images, both mental and physical, children will be able to develop their reading comprehension. This occurs because children connect and relate to the characters and become an active participant in the story.

Workshops at Your School generally cost between $720-$1,200. Please inquire about school discounts and bundled rates when you make your reservation. Please feel free to discuss curriculum topics and scheduling requirements when you call. All prices are quoted for locations within the Omaha metro area. The Rose is available to do residencies outside the Omaha area; however, prices are negotiable. Please call for details. Please make sure you have a space available in your classroom or in a common area that can be cleared in order to allow room for the interactive drama activities associated with these workshops.

Free Funding Is Available for Field Trips!
We understand that budgets are tight. That’s why we’re offering two great solutions to help pay for your school’s field trip expenses. Both Nebraska Arts Council and Target Stores are offering financial assistance to help undertwrite the cost of providing your students with experiences such as those provided by The Rose Theater. For more information, please visit (click “Grants” to see all categories) or