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The Rose Theater
2001 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 345-4849


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Volunteer3The Rose offers a variety of volunteer opportunities. From ushering a show, to selling cookies, to helping to light the stage, your contribution to our daily operations help to ensure a delightful experience for every patron we serve.

If you are interested in lending your time and talent to The Rose Theater, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (402) 502-4627. All volunteers are required to attend an orientation, where paperwork, background checks, and training are completed.

Volunteer4Volunteer Opportunities

Public Show Usher

The Rose needs ushers at year-round productions to help greet patrons as they arrive, open doors, tear tickets, assist at Will Call, escort guests to their seats, and more. During the show, ushers help to answer questions ranging from bathroom locations to emergency procedures. Ushers must be at least 16 year old or accompanied by an adult.

School Show Usher

The Rose offers school field trip shows Tuesday through Friday during the school year. Ushers are needed to help unload busses and escort school groups to their designated seating areas within theater. During the show, ushers help to answer questions ranging from bathroom locations to emergency procedures. Ushers must be at least 16 years old or accompanied by an adult.


The Rose offers concessions during the intermission of its holiday show and summer musical. Volunteers are needed to help set up, sell, and restock the concession table with cookies, soda, and water, as needed. Concession volunteers must be at least 16 years old.

Light Board Operator

Light board operators are essential members of the technical production staff. Volunteers make sure the lighting equipment is in order before each show and help to control the computerized system during technical rehearsals and performances. No experience necessary. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old. For more information, contact Production Manager Erin Solemsaas.

Spotlight Operator

Spotlight volunteers direct the spots on the principal actors as they perform. Attendance at the rehearsals the week prior to each show may be required. This position requires comfort with heights, as you will be on the catwalk above the main stage auditorium during each show. No experience necessary. Spotlight operators must be at least 16 years old. For more information, contact Production Manager Erin Solemsaas.


The Rose Box Office, marketing and finance departments, are frequently in need of volunteer assistance. For more information, contact Member Service Manager Mandy Aleksiak.

Costume Design/Rental

Rose Costume Shop volunteers assist with changing hangers, laundering and re-boxing costumes and assisting rental customers. Volunteers who know how to sew may also help with costume repair. For more information, contact Costume Designer Sherri Geerdes.

Computer Operations

Volunteers with technical computer experience are always in demand as The Rose strives to keep its technology up to speed. For more information, contact Chief Technology Officer Kevin Ehrhart.

Teen Volunteer Team

If you’re a teenager who wants to learn more about theater, earn free show tickets and more, we invite you to join The Rose’s Teen Volunteer Team. Teen volunteers contribute hours by helping to run the light boards, paint scenery, prepare props and costumes, teach classes, and more. In return, they earn volunteer credit that can later be traded for free tickets, classes and half-price tuition for summer camps. To register for The Rose’s Teen Volunteer program, please email for a registration packet. You will need to contact the professionals in your areas of interest to schedule your volunteer time. Attendance at The Rose’s annual volunteer orientation meeting is not required.

Click here to complete the Volunteer Application and get started as a Rose Theater volunteer!


Volunteer Orientation

The Rose hosts volunteer orientation once per year. Stay tuned for more details on our next orientation.

Click here to complete the Volunteer Application and get started as a Rose Theater volunteer!

Volunteer Commitment

Once you have completed orientation and selected a shift, we ask that you please maintain a commitment to fulfilling it. The Rose relies on its volunteers. If you cannot fulfill your responsibilities due to illness or other circumstances, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (402) 502-4627 or the Box Office at (402) 345-4849. Your ability to send a replacement would be greatly appreciated.

Click here to complete the Volunteer Application and get started as a Rose Theater volunteer!

Volunteer Benefits

All volunteers will receive a monthly email to keep current on upcoming events.  In addition, volunteers will also receive the following benefits:

  • For every show or activity you volunteer, you will receive two vouchers that can be redeemed within the year for free tickets. The vouchers may be used the same day you volunteer or be held for later. If you wish to purchase additional tickets, you may do so at the discounted rate of $10 per ticket.
  • Invitation to a volunteer ice cream social each January.
  • Volunteer recognition for long-term volunteers each summer at Volunteer Appreciation Night.

Click here to complete the Volunteer Application and get started as a Rose Theater volunteer!

Our Volunteers

Brittany Allen • Ananya Amarnath • Joe Anderson • Carol Anglen • Cara Arnold • Angela Barona-Sanders • Chase Bauer • Rebekah Bayola • Jane Beckman • Laura Beckman • Jaymee Beckwith • Ryan Beckwith • James Bennett • Allissandra Bequette • Halle Boccovi • Pat Boyer • Chamberlyn Bridge • Kathryn Bringewatt • Edna Brooks • Brittany Buchanan • Pam & Brad Burklund • Montana Caniglia • Sarah Carr • John Caruso • Diana Casey • Ethel, Vittoria, and Bella Christensen • Logan Clark • Michael Clover • Raydell Cordell III • Ryan Crosby • Job’s Daughters • Virginia Davidsaver • Bradyn Denevan • Nya Deng • Grace Dion • David Drake • Ann Drebot • Razha Duke • Jacob Duncan • Pauline Dunn • Karen, Iggie, and Sara Elkins • Elmer, Eva, Keanu, and Ramsey Ellefson • Becca Else • Trudy Else • Mathew Elvenholl • Lauren Erickson • Samari Ferguson • Gretchen Flynn • Eli Foresman • Pat Foutch • Kelly Frascht • Loretta Galas • Priscilla Geddings • James Glenn • Betty & Jerry Golmanavich • Hartford Grandkids • Deanne Grant • John Grant • Sarah Grant • Kelly Groux • Anthony Hardnett • Ardith & Richard Hartford • Chelcejo Hasse • Shelby Hastings • Illeana Johnston • Sarah and Tim Hayden • Fred, Marcella, and Nancy Hendricks • Andrea Herrera • Kareen Hickman • Thu Hoang • Alissa Hobson • Sharon Huebert • Jeremiah Huff • Chloe Irwin • Sophie Irwin • Elisabeth Jackson • Stephanie Jacobson • Ivy Jasa • Juan Jimenez • Joyce and Georgia Johnson • Jeni and Brynn Jones • Terry Jones (Jackson & Jordan) • Judy and Isabelle Kellerman • Amy Kenyon • Samantha Khalil • Jennifer Kilton • Noah Kuzeppa • Payton Lammers • Kathy Lampert • Kaylee Lempke • Jennifer Lewis • Tara, Via, and Zane Long • Kathy Luhr • Dawn, Coyer, and Dava Lusk • Lauren Maas • Shelia and Grace Maciorowski • Pam Mauro • Kelly McColgan • Derek and Jacob McDowall • Riley Meehan • Hailey Micklonis • Patty Mollner • Marilyn and Tony Montoya • Amy Nelson • Wyatt Nemec • Jan Nestander • Kelly Nixa • Meg Noyes • DaWanna Parker • Sherry Parkins • Patty Pecoraro • Camryn Pekula • Janet Perrone • Diane and Leanne Perryman • Ryan Piccolo • Hannah Pihlgren • Korey Pittman • Annette Pitzer • Sarah Powell • Claudia Quigley • Miguel-Angel Quintero • Kori, Eric, Rachel, and Skyler Radloff • Greyson Ragone • Christopher Ramsey • Katie-Beth Rebuck • Brooklyn Richards • Karen Riesberg • Ray Rios • Susan Risavi • Jonelle Rodgers • Mimi Rone • Pyper Roseberry • Ramsey Rousseau • Peg Schmitt • Pam Schmitz • Jane Schutz • Cole Self • Charlotte Sheard • Laci Sheard • Dorene Sherman • Helene Simmons • Maria Sinecio • Andy and Emily Smith • Emily Snover • Pearl Spicka • Alexander Staples • Justin Steenhoek • Anna and Marcy Stefan • Kathleen and Levi Stevens • Olivia Straub • Anthony Sumpter • Allison Sweney • Mustafa Syed • Cathy Tauke • Hailey Tellgren • Jean Tosoni • Matt Vadij • Claudia Van Aalst • Ana Maria Vargas • Gracie Vassar • Dorothy Wahrman • Thelma Warren • Kina Watson-Deberry • Lacie Welstead • Taylor Wendlandt • Jessica White • Richard, Rachel, R.K., and Lilly Whitehead • April Withers • Bella & Stacy Wokutch • Shar York • Elli Young • Zach Zielinski & MORE!