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Spot Says! A Review for Shrek The Musical!

A swamp, an ogre, a princess, and a donkey.  It is a fairy tale unlike any other, and it had me rolling on the floor laughing! Shrek The Musical was absolutely Shrek-tacular!  From the very beginning, the ornery ogre was spouting off some very flatulent humor along with a heartfelt message of love and acceptance.  It truly was a “treat” to watch.  Shrek (Robby Stone) set out on a quest to get all the lovable fairy tale creatures out of his swamp!  His mission: retrieve Princess Fiona (Lauren Krupski) and deliver her to the “short” tempered Lord Farquaad (Brian Guehring) who demands to have a queen so he can become king of Duloc.

Along the way, Shrek finds friendship in a Donkey (Nik Whitcomb) who is barking mad!  His crazy antics compliment Shreks pessimistic attitude and a friendship blossoms throughout the quest.  The cast were all perfect for their roles and the ensemble added a lot of lively dancing and back-up singing to numbers like “Holiday for Duloc” and “Freak Flag” while Shrek and Donkey boast huge numbers such as “Make A Move” and “Big Bright Beautiful World!”

Along with paw-dropping music, the costumes added a sparkle to a show where bodily functions were prevalent.  The beauty of Princess Fiona’s transformation, the short-comings of Lord Farquaad and his tiny legs, Shrek and Donkey’s larger than life attire and Pinocchio and the other fairy tale characters costumes were all “spot” on!  The scenic design was also amazing, I thought I was in Duloc when I saw that HUGE castle!Robby Stone as Shrek. Photo by MJB Photography

This has to be one of The Rose’s top shows of the year and it will truly have you laughing out loud!  Or in my case, barking… I loved everything about Shrek The Musical and would recommend coming to see this show before it sells out!  It is recommended for ages 5+ but it will entertain the grown-ups as well!  This not-so-normal fairy tale is a true story of puppy love and I would give it 10 out of 10!

Get your tickets today by calling The Box Office at 402-345-4849 or visit  Get Shrek-cited for a theater experience unlike any other, just make sure to stay out of Shreks swamp (at least until he warms up to you!)

Let your Freak Flag fly!

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