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The Rose Theater
2001 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68102
(402) 345-4849


 In the summer of 2015, The Rose Theater, The Sherwood Foundation and Impact One teamed with renowned actor, writer, director and activist Daniel Beaty to create a one-of-a-kind performance piece that directly addressed the devastating impact of gang violence in our community. 

This project evolved into The Rose’s Outreach program,
now called Community Voices.

Through Community Voices, The Rose Theater works with young people to shine light on topics affecting families in the area. These projects use creativity, writing, storytelling and acting to help people talk about different topics and bring about change in our community.

Click here to download a flyer about Community Voices.

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Community Voices

About Community Voices

Community Voices gives students a voice and a creative outlet to express themselves through theater arts. In this innovative program, we delve into the topics of various social challenges confronting our community. A few of these topics include:

  • racism
  • social injustice
  • human rights inequalities
  • socioeconomic disparities
  • health disparities
  • criminal justice system sentencing disparities
  • foster care
  • child safety
  • and more

Our Goal

It is The Rose’s goal to make a difference in the way young people in underserved communities view their opportunities in life, to build self-esteem, discipline, high self-expectations, and community involvement. 

Our Method

The Community Voices program builds off the “transforming pain into power” theater-for-social-change programming model started by Daniel Beaty in 2015. This original project led many participants to say that they felt they were being heard for the first time. Our work with Daniel Beaty began by looking at the effects of gang violence in our community; subsequent projects examined the issues of mass youth incarceration, teen pregnancy, the foster care system and DACA.

It is The Rose’s intent to grow and expand upon the model and foundation laid by Daniel, and use theater to shed light on social issues, call people to action, and celebrate our strengths as a community.

In order to achieve our goal and empower young people in our community, our artist educators partner with local organizations that serve youth from underserved and underrepresented areas of the Omaha metro. We conduct 12-week drama workshops with these community partner organizations to address social issues facing the young people that those organizations serve.

The students devise plays that they present for peers, friends and family.

Our Partners

A few of our partner organizations are:

In addition, the Center for Holistic Health assists us in providing mental health support for any student participant who needs assistance.

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For additional information on Community Voices,
contact Tyrone Beasley at

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Past Projects

For information on past Community Voices projects, click on the links below: