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Middle School Intern

Jackson is a 7th grader who interned at The Rose for a week. He has always loved theater/performing. He has been in many shows and loves coming to The Rose to watch performances.

This week I have the amazing opportunity of interning at the Rose Theater. Going in I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. Then I met the staff and my worries went away. I immediately felt included and accepted. Everyone is nice and helpful, they encourage me to be my self and to be creative. All the employees are happy and purposeful in everything they do.

Monday I chatted with and got a tour from Hayley. She showed me everything and told me the significance it has to the theater. I thought the history was amazing, did you know it housed the Omaha Packers, a bowling team? I also got to talk to Jay who told me all about teaching drama, and how much fun acting can be. I also got to watch Jay Carina and Michael rehearse Nebraskaland, an interactive play about Nebraska history.

Throughout this week I have learned so much. I got to tour with Pride Players, sit in on a YGB rehearsal, and go to marketing and production meetings. I have also done mic checks and helped load in a preschool group. I will never forget this amazing experience and hope to work with the Rose in the future.