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Online Summer Camps FAQs

We know you have lots of questions about our new online summer camp program. Here is a list of frequently-asked questions that we have received; we will continue to add information to this page as it is needed.

You may also send questions to classes@rosetheater.orgPlease note: due to limited on-site staffing, it may take a little longer than usual to receive a reply. Your questions are important to us and we will respond as soon as we are able.

Last updated 5/1/2020

At the Rose Theater, we LOVE our summer camp season! It’s wonderful to work with so many students, of all ages, learning about theater, exploring our creativity together. And summertime is always a great time to gather with friends who love the same creative things that you do!

Why are summer camps moving online?

This summer is an unusual time for ALL of us because of the pandemic. In order to keep you, your family, and our community safe, this summer we will all need to stay home to learn together, rather than meet in a large group at our beautiful Rose Theater spaces.

Is the entire Rose summer schedule moving online?

At this point in time, the first four weeks of summer camp (May 26-June 19) are moving to an online format. An announcement about the remainder of summer will be made no later than June 1, 2020.

What if my camp’s end date is after June 19?

The Rose will monitor ongoing developments and make a decision about whether camps that extend past June 19 will be finished online or in the classroom. This decision will be made no later than June 1, 2020.

How is this going to work?

Our Rose Theater teaching artists are treating this summer camp season as a wonderful opportunity for a new adventure! Using technology, we can connect to our artistic friends everywhere to meet together, while staying safe in our separate spaces. This summer, for the first time ever, we are offering virtual summer camps. We’ll be exploring new exciting creative ways to make art, tell stories, and collaborate, making theater online together. We are so glad that you will be joining us for all the fun, experimentation, and discovery along the journey!

Specifics on each camp will be sent to each family prior to the start of camp.

What will we need in order to participate?

We will be connecting to each other online at a specific time to do all of our virtual theater camp activities. So, you’ll need a device—laptop, tablet, or other device—and a table or desk to work on. You might even wish to have a grown-up somewhere nearby to help you if you need assistance.

In addition, you may want to keep some basic art supplies close at hand, such as:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Markets or Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Your camp instructor will be sending you a list of additional items that you will need for the camp.


  • A Laptop or Tablet with:
    • Working Video
    • Working Sound
    • Headphones (if you want them)
    • Printer (there might be some worksheets to print)
    • Camera phone to send pictures and/or videos to the teaching artists

What kind of space do I need?

Your virtual class may have some activities that will be done close to your screen. Other activities may be done further away from the screen. If you can set up your device in a space where you have room to move around behind your seat, this will give you more space for acting things out.

If you can work it out with your family, it may be good to do your virtual camp activities in a space where you can focus without too many distractions—like TVs or stereos playing. You will also be making noise, so you may want a space where YOU won’t be distracting other people. For some activities close to your camera, you might even enjoy having headphones.

Am I going to be all alone?

Your Rose Theater virtual camp is designed for one participant from your house. So you won’t require a partner to be a part of the camp activities. However, there are some activities that might be more fun with a sibling or a parent. Anyone in your family is welcome to join in the fun along the way!

And, while you won’t have other campers in the same physical space as you, you will be joined by friends online who are doing the same activities as you from their own homes. They might be here in Omaha, or out in western Nebraska — or even across the country or the world! What a great opportunity to meet people from many different places!

Who is going to teach the class?

Just like a class at The Rose Theater, there will be two teaching artists leading the activities as well as a lot of other kids participating.

Will I just be sitting in front of a screen all day?

During your virtual camp there will be some activities where we all participate in a group together live across our screens. There might be other times where you work in a small group online with a few other campers. There will also be times when you work by yourself on an activities to share with the group later!

There will also be some times when you step away from the screen. You might be asked to go find things in your house. You might work on character or story activities individually to share with the group. Or you might get to work on an art project. Our teaching artists will try to offer a wide variety of active fun and learning experiences through the camp day.

Is there any structure to these classes?

Just like in every class at The Rose, we’ll have some basic rules to follow:

Be Safe

  • Be sure to take care of yourself.
  • Be sure to watch out for others in your space.
  • Be sure to make safe choices in YOUR home space.

Be Respectful

  • Listen to the directions from your teaching artist.
  • Take turns when talking so everyone can add their ideas.
  • Use kind and supportive words with your fellow artists.

Be Responsible

  • Pay attention to what’s going on
  • Listen to and follow directions
  • Use your materials carefully
  • Use your time wisely

Will anyone be monitoring what is happening in the online camps?

We’ll be recording all of the online parts of our virtual camps. That way we will have a record of all of activities in our virtual camps. Some of our activities may even be things we want to share in our celebration at the end of our camp!

Is the tuition for online camp the same as in-person camp?

No. In light of this new camp format, tuition rates have been adjusted due to changes in the length of camps, the new delivery system, supply needs and performance changes, etc. Please see the list below for information. A representative from The Rose will be contacting you via phone or email with additional details.

Everything’s a Puppet  May 26-29 – $40
Little Engine That Could – May 26-29 – $36
Series of Unfortunate Events – May 26-29 – $80

Acting Technique – June 1-5 – $80
Conservatory: Frankenstein* – 
June 1-27 – $340
Curious George – 
June 1-5 – $56
Fairies & Trolls – June 1-5 – $90
Frozen Kids – June 1-5 – $90
Junior Improv – June 1-5 – $90
Robin Hood – June 1-5 – $90
Stranger Things – June 1-5 –  $90
Superhero Academy– June 1-5 – $90
Whose Line Improv for Teens – June 1-5 – $90
Wind in the Willows – June 1-19 – $300

Lil’ Roses – Weekly beginning June 4* – $35

Art of Theater Design – June 8-12 – $160
Dance Intensive (Level III/IV/V) – 
June 8 -12 – $75 
Dance Intensive (Intermed./Adv.) – 
June 8 -12 – $100
Dance Intensive (Beg. Dance for Teens) –
 June 8 – 12 – $65
Hamilton Hip Hop History – June 8-12 – $90
Harry Potter – June 8-12 – $90
Hotel Transylvania – June 8-12 – $90
Mo Willems – June 8-12 – $56
Musical Theater Intensive – June 8 – 12 – $

Dance Intensive (Level III/IV/V) – June 15-19 – $75
Dance Intensive (Intermed./Adv.) – 
June 15-19 – $100 
Dance Intensive (Beg. Dance for Teens) – 
June 15-19 – $65
 – June 15-19 – $90
Dr. Seuss – June 15-19 – $56
Musical Theater Intensive –
 June 15-19 – $65
Secret Agent Academy
 – June 15-19 – $90
Toy Story – June 15-19 – $90
Welcome to the Farm – June 15-19 – $40

*A decision about online versus in-person classes for the final week(s) 
of camps with end dates after June 19 will be made no later than May 20.

What teaching guidelines will be used in the online camps?

Rose online camps will be taught by the same professional teaching artists you find in our physical classrooms. They are all highly-educated and trained professionals dedicated to giving summer campers a positive and rewarding experience. Here are just a few of the guidelines and philosophies The Rose uses for its instructors:

  • Our focus is the experience for young artists on the other side of the screen.
  • Each lesson will include combination of Online and Offline activities, as well as group and one on one activities.
  • Online focus is about ensemble building, fearless sharing, thoughtful collaboration and informative modeling.
  • Offline challenges could focus on projects like character work, theater design projects, informational podcasts, dramaturgical research, as well as movement/ dance exploration.
  • Our aim is to have two teachers in a room and record each lesson to best serve our families and teachers.
  • Our goal is bring all the successful, creative lesson planning that we bring to our physical classrooms to the homes of our young artists.
  • Young artists will not be sitting in front of a screen for the entirety of our classes. We promise to provide an interactive, imaginative experience for students to be challenged to grow as artists and individuals while connecting with others young people in a safe ensemble environment.